Art Gallery Scrap Pack - You Choose the Color

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ALL scraps are from ART GALLERY FABRIC and you can choose what color scraps you want. Fabric scraps are sold by weight per each 5.4 ounces which is approximately 1 yard of Fabric (typically 4 to 5 scraps per yard) . The smallest scraps are 8" to 12" long with the majority of the scraps being 22" to 44" wide. 

These scraps are made up of both Art Gallery fabric I purchase mainly for scraps and Art Gallery Fabric that is end of bolts or mis-cuts from my shop and sold by COLOR ONLY not theme. Each Color has a range in hues, EXAMPLE, If you choose ORANGE you may receive everything from Peach, Coral, Orange, Persimmon and or Rust.

If you are wanting certain colors use the drop down menu at purchase.

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